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 Post subject: No Gym for Home? Heres some bodyweight excercises
PostPosted: 01 May 2008, 02:16 
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The Proper Pull-up (regular grip) - Grab the pull-up bar with your hands placed about shoulder width apart and your palms facing away from you. Pull yourself upward until your chin is over the bar and complete the exercise by slowly moving to the hanging position.

Pull-ups (negatives) - If you cannot do any pull-ups, you should try "negatives". Negatives are half pull-ups. All you have to do is get your chin over the bar by standing on something or having spotter push you over the bar. Then, you slowly lower yourself all the way down - let your arms hang grasping the bar fully stretched. Keep your feet up and fight gravity for a count of 5 seconds. This will get your arms used to supporting your weight.

Assisted Pull-ups - This is the first step to being able to perform pullups. Using the bar that is 3-4 feet off the ground, sit under it and grab with the regular grip. Straighten your back, hips, and slightly bend your knees while your feet remain on the floor and pull yourself to the bar so that your chest touches the bar. Repeat as required. This is a great way to start out if you cannot do any pull-ups at all. You can also do this on a pair of parallel bars that are used for dips. These are also great to do after you can no longer perform anymore dead-hang pullups. This is a good replacement for the Lat Pulldown machine as well.

Techniques and Workouts

Go fast. For maximum points on the PFT, do the push-ups as quickly as you can. The slower you go, the more gravity will affect your strength. Adhere to proper form however.

Proper stance. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart. Lie on the floor with your hands even with your shoulders. Too many people place their hands too high or too low, which will weaken your push-ups tremendously.

Stay on your toes. Once you burn out, it is OK to go to your knees in order to finish the workout.

Push-Up/Crunch Super Set

Do five to 10 cycles of:

Regular push-ups, 10
Regular crunches, 10
Wide push-ups, 10
Reverse crunches, 10
Triceps push-ups, 10
Left/right crunches, 10 each side

The timed workout is another way to increase your push-ups and sit-ups that also helps prepare you for training with the clock -- good practice for the PFT. Being timed is what leads to most people's PFT anxiety.

Timed Workout

Repeat twice:

1 minute of push-ups
1 minute of sit-ups

Repeat three times:

30 seconds of push-ups
30 seconds of sit-ups

Repeat four times:

15 seconds of push-ups
15 seconds of sit-ups

Try these workouts only resting while you do your crunches or sit-ups. These workouts are challenging and only take a few minutes to do. I recommend that you try to incorporate push-ups and crunches into your workout three times a week and every other day, if you are not following a detailed program.

Bodyweight > Freeweight > smith IF you have accomodating resistance (i.e., ability to add more weight gradually)

You can tie a rope to your waist and attach weight (water jugs, empty milk jugs filled with concrete)


If water is too light, add something that is more dense, like concrete or steel or iron.

Read these links for more stuff

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